Business Headshots & Personal Branding Sessions

Business Headshots & Personal Branding Sessions

Your photograph is the most compelling part of your brand.

Reinvent your brand personality with magazine-style portraits to market you, your brand and your business. You’ll have stunning profile images for your website and all your marketing materials: images that stand out and look like covers for a high- fashion or Fortune 500 magazine.

Karen will customize a photo session around you and what you want people to know about you and your business. Her stylist team will work with you to create a distinctive look and get you camera-ready. You’ll soon have images that you’ll be excited to use!

Before & After

Prepare to be surprised… and delighted!

Give Karen a chance to show you the best version of yourself: one that’s pleasing and appealing, one that you’ll be proud to show. Her clients are often amazed at how comfortable and attractive they look with the expertise of hair, makeup and clothing profes-sionals, while still maintaining a recognizable and natural look!

Using her training as an executive coach, you’ll be seen at your best. People say her images communicate warmth, integrity and style. Your entire idea of what being photographed is like will change; she guarantees you’ll be pleased!

“The effect you have on others is the most powerful currency there is.”

– Jim Carrey
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